Avanti on Windows 7 and 8.x

Avanti is a 32-bit (x86) application, originally developed for Windows 2000
and currently checked out on Windows XP and Windows 7 (32-bit).

Much has changed since its first release in 2007 and the limitations of its dependencies and source code make it by now impossible to keep up with todays common requirements (64-bit, unicode support, DPI aware).

Avanti has compatibility issues on Windows 7/8.x but can run successfully on these operating systems if you follow the installation suggestions below ...

General notes for all Windows 7/8.x versions;

Run Avanti from a desktop shortcut or the official Windows Explorer shell.
Running from third party shells like e.g. "Total Commander" may get issues.

The Avanti Install path should not exceed a total length of 256 characters
including file names.

Run Avanti as a native Windows 7/8.x application.

Windows 7/8.x (32-bit).

Copy the in the zip included folder to a location of your choice.
We had stable results at several install paths by keeping the application in the "Avanti-ffmpeg-GUI-092" folder but you can change the name as long as you keep its length at exactly 21 characters. Should it still fail to launch or you experience other issues, change the length of the folder name a bit like e.g.;


Even when you upgrade an older Avanti version that worked fine, you may
need to follow this procedure to find a path that this version of Avanti "likes".

Also run the "avanti_jobs_test.job" if you plan to use the batch processing option. It should finish the list without any interruptions.

Windows 7/8.x x64 (64-bit).

According to the Microsoft recommendations, 32-bit applications should be installed in the "Program Files (x86)" folder at you boot drive.
Everything written for the Windows 32-bit version is also applicable here.

It is recommended to start with a full 32-bit tool chain i.e. do not use a 64-bit FFmpeg and/or AviSynth version. If this works without issues you could try
a 64-bit FFmpeg or even 64-bit FFmpeg/AviSynth combo. Some users reported they could use this setup successfully with Avanti.

Updated, August 2015 - Chris Kevany
v. 0.9.3 - (C) 2007-2015