Avanti introduction
Avanti is not the audio/video converter that uses FFmpeg in the background as encoding
engine for a number of predefined popular formats (as you might prefer).

It's a dedicated "workbench" for FFmpeg/AviSynth that keeps all their capabilities as open as possible. It offers to set up, preview and process complex FFmpeg/AviSynth operations through its built-in script editors. It re-arranges and formats the FFmpeg log output to improve readability and adds process related statistics.

It maintains a database of all available FFmpeg codecs and includes tools to easily expand its default options. Its configuration options allow to highly adapt it to your own needs.

Avanti offers two levels of usage;

At the first level you simply load a predefined template, possibly adapt the common settings a bit and start the process.

At the second level, you can include advanced operations like color correction, frame cropping, subtitle burn/mux or frame rate conversion. You can freely tweak the basic settings or let Avanti insert your own dedicated FFmpeg/AviSynth scripts directly from the built-in script editors.

Every setup you make, including your own "virtual" scripts, can be saved in templates.
v. 0.9.3 - (C) 2007-2015
Avanti GUI supports context sensitive help. When you press <F1> on open windows, selected pages and option boxes or fields, you'll be (often) directed to the related topics
at the included Avanti chm help.

Avanti uses a powerful concept that offers separate input and output of audio/video streams, user AviSynth routing and input/output stream mapping.

Avanti offers a lot of user supporting features and utilities like linking of user selectable post-processing tools, frame size calculator, bitrate calculator, VirtualDub edit list to AviSynth trim conversion, AviSynth plugin manager and many more.